February 11, 2014

Pop Quiz: Freeskiing


Scott: Now on to one of the U.S. athletes who is taking advantage of tech just like that here with a pop quiz! So listen up.

Bobby Brown: Hey, what is up! I am Bobby Brown. I’m on the U.S. Ski Team. I’m the first skier to ever land a triple cork 1440.

How many turns are in a 1440?

A. 3 turns

B. 3 1/2 turns

C. 4 turns

D. 5 turns

You’ve got ten seconds!

Time’s up! The answer is “C.” 1440 is four turns. Now here is Shelby Holliday with more.

Shelby: In Bobby’s triple cork 1440 captured by Red Bull, he spins four full rotations.  Since each rotation is 360 degrees, that is a total of 1,440 degrees in the air. At the same time, he does three off-axis rotations to complete the triple cork part of the move.

Let’s see that one one more time.

Freeskiing is all about making the toughest tricks look good. So being the first person to land a new trick is kind of a big deal. Bobby’s triple cork 1440 is one of the many tricks fans will be looking for in Sochi where slopestyle and halfpipe freeskiing events will be introduced to the Olympics for the very first time.

Shelby Holliday, Channel One News.

Scott: Want more freeskiing and more behind the scenes video from the Winter Games? Well, head to


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