February 1, 2012

Pop Quiz: Ghosts

Daniel Radcliffe has a question for you.

Daniel Radcliffe: In my new movie, Woman in Black, I play a lawyer who is threatened by a ghost.

So, your question is:

What is the phrase for the biological response when an animal faces a threat?

A. Fight and scream

B. Run or rage

C. Fight or flight

D. Drop and roll

Take 10 seconds.

Ok. Your time is up! The answer is “C,” fight or flight. Now back to Channel One News for the story.

Scott: That is right, fight or flight is a response in many animals, even humans. But let’s take a look inside the animal kingdom to see how it works.

Take a look at this zebra. She is calm while drinking from a river in this pristine habitat but then, the zebra notices a lion. Now, this is where the zebra’s fight or flight response kicks in.

Faced with a life or death situation, the zebra must decide immediately whether to fight or flight. That is, either fight the danger or run away.

Out of instict, the zebra’s brain releases adrenaline and other hormones, giving the zebra a quick burst of energy and strength. A split-second response that allows the zebra to run!

Once the animal is out of danger, the fight or flight response is over and the animal returns to its normal behavior.

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