September 22, 2011

Pop Quiz Hispanic Heritage

Did you answer correctly?

Shelby: In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we are putting you guys to the test.

The new census numbers came out this year showing us how much our nation is changing and becoming more diverse. One significant change is that the Hispanic population is growing. Now, Mexico has the largest number of Hispanics of any country. But do you know where the U.S. ranks in terms of the number of Hispanics in the world? Is it:

A. 10th

B. 2nd

C. 25th

D. 1st

You have got ten seconds!

Time is up! If you guessed “B,” 2nd, you got it!

In the U.S., Hispanics make up 16% of the total population. That is 1 in 6 U.S. residents. It is the nation’s largest ethnic or race minority and it is also the fastest growing minority group, up 43% from April 2000.

So, what is Hispanic Heritage Month all about?

National Hispanic Heritage Month starts on September 15th and runs through October 15th, and was chosen to include the anniversaries of independence for Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Chile and Belize. It also celebrates the culture and traditions of those who trace their roots to Spain, Mexico and the spanish-speaking nations of Central America, South America and the Caribbean. The month is meant to recognize the contributions of Hispanic and Latino-Americans in the U.S.

Some notable Hispanic-Americans you may have heard of: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, baseball slugger Alex Rodriguez and actress Selena Gomez.

To learn more about Hispanic Heritage Month, zip on over to


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