October 10, 2012

Pop Quiz: Martial Arts


Kevin: In my new movie Here Comes the Boom, I play a teacher who decides to raise money for his school by competing in mixed martial arts fights. Yeah, you heard right!

Now, the history of mixed martial arts, or hand-to-hand fighting, dates back thousands of years.

So your question is: Where did the sport of hand-to-hand fighting originate?

A. Brazil

B. Greece

C. Japan

D. China

Take ten seconds.

Times up!

The answer is “B,” Greece – actually ancient Greece. It was an Olympic event back then.

Now, over to Channel One for the lowdown.

Maggie: From punching to kicking to takedowns, they are all part of mixed martial arts.

We can actually trace forms of this hand-to-hand combat back to the Greek Olympic games of 648 B.C.E. The sport was called Pankration, a combination of wrestling and boxing.

It didn’t have too many rules, no biting and no gouging out your opponent’s eyes. Everything else, fair game!

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