January 23, 2012

Pop Quiz: Science

Who came up with the theory of relativity?

Scott: Hey, guys! Today we have got the cast of Level Up, who wants to test your knowledge of one the smartest guys who ever lived.

In our new show, Level Up, we accidentally open a wormhole, or portal, from this world to a video game. Now, some scientists think wormholes might be real and could exist according to the theory of relativity.

Your question is:

Who came up with the theory of relativity? Was it:

A. Isaac Newton

B. Charles Darwin

C. Stephen Hawking

D. Albert Einstein

Take ten seconds.

Ok. Time’s up! The answer is “D,” Albert Einstein. Now Channel One has the rest of the facts.

Scott: The theory of relativity, in the simplest terms, says that time and space are not absolute. They are relative, meaning that time and space can change depending on your frame of reference.

For example, you might be standing still, relative to the earth, but if you look at yourself relative to the solar system, you are actually moving because the earth is moving.

That is a pretty simple explanation for what is really a complex theory. And the theory of relativity is being used to explain things like black holes, wormholes and, yes, even the possibility of time travel.


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