February 11, 2014

Pop Quiz: Snowboarding


Maggie: Team USA has already taken home the gold in a couple of snowboarding events, but exactly how much do you know about the sport that has you hittin’ the pow and stompin’ the landing? Well, before heading off to her third Olympic Games, one snowboarder took time to throw down a pop quiz.

Hannah Teter: Hey, everyone! I’m Hannah Teter and I’m a snowboarder from Team USA.

Snowboarding was recently added to the Olympics in 1998. Do you know what country it was hosted in? Was it:

A. Turin, Italy

B. Lake Placid, New York

C. Nagano, Japan

D. Salt Lake City, Utah

You’ve got ten seconds!

Time’s up! The answer is “C.” Snowboarding made its debut in Nagano, Japan. Now here is Shelby Holliday with the details.

Shelby: Since snowboarding’s Olympic debut in the 1998 Nagano games, the sport has gained popularity worldwide. And American athletes have helped take snowboarding to new heights.

Arielle Gold: It’s pretty huge to be representing your country in a contest.

Shelby: In Sochi, athletes will be competing in eight different snowboarding events, including men’s and women’s halfpipe, parallel giant slalom, parallel slalom and snowboard cross.

Kelly Clark: The Olympics have been really good for the sport of snowboarding, and snowboarding’s been really good for the Olympics because it’s a sport that’s very relatable.

Shelby: Shelby Holliday, Channel One News.

Maggie: Can’t get enough of snowboarding? Well, we have got plenty more. Just shred your way on over to


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