October 3, 2011

Pop Quiz: Soccer

Do you know where soccer got started?

Jessica: It is time for our pop quiz. So, Amy, take it away!

Amy:¬†Soccer is considered the most popular sport in the world and millions watched this summer’s women’s games in Germany.

It was an incredible experience and it was great to have the U.S. fans supports us. Soccer, in fact, is played in hundreds of countries around the world. But do you know where soccer began? Is it:

A. Brazil

B. Spain

C. U.S.A

D. England

Take ten seconds.

Boom! Time’s up! The answer is “D,” England. Now Channel One has the play-by-play.

Jessica: Some say it is the world’s most popular sport. Football, or soccer as we like to call it in the United States, can be traced back thousands of years. But modern day men’s soccer began in England in 1863 and women’s soccer soon followed.

By the 1930s, thirteen teams from around the world came together in the country of Uruguay in South America for the first men’s World Cup competition. Fast forward to 2010, Spain took the top spot in South Africa and currently holds the World Cup title.

This past summer we saw the U.S. team battle Japan in Germany for the women’s World Cup title. It was a thrilling showdown with Japan taking the win in overtime on a penalty shoot-out.

Amy: One last tidbit: we made Puma’s Project Pink our project. Visit pink to find out how you can too!

Goodbye! We had a great time!


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