February 9, 2012

Pop Quiz: The Brain

Channing Tatum wants to know...

Channing Tatum:┬áIn my new movie, The Vow, my character’s wife loses her memory after she was injured in a car accident.

So, your question is about memory:

Which part of the brain is most associated with making memories?

A. The cerebellum

B. The frontal lobe

C. The hind brain

D. The hippocampus

Take 10 seconds.

Ok. Times up! It’s “D,” the hippocampus.

Now, over to channel one to fill in the details.

Shelby: The hippocampus is this lobe, highlighted in yellow, tucked way inside the human brain. It is mainly responsible for forming new memories, navigation, and spatial memory, or how things are laid out in a space. Meaning, everything from remembering how to get home from school to how your living room is laid out depends on a healthy hippocampus. A damaged hippocampus can result in amnesia, or memory loss. And it is one of the first areas to show damage in a person with alzheimer’s, a disease of the brain.


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