September 7, 2011

Pop Quiz: The Salem Witch Trials

The cast of "Secret Circle" stops by today's question.

Jessica: Now it is time for our first pop quiz of the year! And for that, I am tossing it over to Thomas and Britt.

Thomas and Britt: In my movie, The Secret Circle, the main character finds out she comes from a long line of witches. You may know that people have actually been arrested, beaten and even killed for being witches. The most famous were the Salem Witch Trials. And that brings us to your question:

Where did the Salem Witch Trials take place in 1692? Is it:

A. Boston

B. Massachusetts

C. New York

D. Pennsylvania

Take ten seconds

Okay. Time’s up! The answer is “B,” Massachusetts.

Now, over to Channel One for a look at the history behind the Salem Witch Trials.

Jessica: Witches? What normally comes to mind is something like this, pointy hats and broom sticks. But back in 1692, more than 200 Puritan colonists were actually accused of being witches.

The witch hunts began in Massachusetts when two young girls claimed they were possessed by the devil. They pointed their fingers at neighbors and soon no one was safe. In the end, twenty innocent people were executed.

Later, the accusers apologized and the colony admitted the trials were a mistake. In the end, the story of the trials has become a scary example of extreme paranoia and injustice.


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