Karen Knapstein
September 26, 2013

Power to Burn

A few weeks ago, we told you about an indoor-gym that helps power a college. But what if you could harness the energy that you produce by playing sports outside too? This idea for the next big thing might be the first step in that direction and the great thing about it is that it can be put to pretty good use right now.

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport. And the Soccket, a soccer ball that charges up as you kick it, has a lot of potential. Right now, it uses the power it collects to power a light that stays bright for about three hours. And light is something that’s often in short supply in countries without a reliable power grid.

What do you think? Does the Soccket have the potential to be the next big thing? Vote in the poll now and tell us what you think!

101 comments on “Power to Burn

  1. Charlotte shores

    No because not everyone will want to kick a sockerball to get light, and some people don’t have enough money to purchase one.

    1. Josh

      yes I think it is a great idea because soccer is a very popular sport and someday we are going to run out of coal and other resources to power yeah great idea its time to start figuring out ways to save electricity

    2. angel lopez

      If your electricity runs out all you have to do is play soccer its a good way to stay active, save money, and its good for the environment

    3. Braden Fitzgerald

      I agree with you saying people not being able to afford the ball, but others if they buy the ball they can produce light for those who can’t. Here is where i disagree It also can be a goal setter so people can try to provide a lot of energy and I’m sure kids would kick a soccer ball for a good cause.

    4. audrey jones

      Yes, because some people can’t afford to have electricity. The government could buy poor countries one to kick around to get energy! I am all about this ball!

  2. karina

    I think it should be the next big thing because what about if the light hadn’t when out what would you do with out no light?

  3. Mrs. Droz

    My students believe it is the next big thing, because people who don’t get a lot of exercise or have electricity, now have a way to get both. Also it uses less nonrenewable resources to help save our planet. Finally, it would help people who don’t have a lot of money, by providing cheap electricity. We connected this to the refugees from Syria.

  4. zach

    Yes, because it is a good way to save energy but i think you should make a football and stuff because not all people like soccer.

  5. Kaylee Heinze

    Yes, because you don’t need batteries to charge it and while you charge the ball, you stay active and you are moving and still enjoying your time to play.

  6. Nikki Robersond

    Yes, because many obese kids need to get off the couch and do activities. So with the Soccket many kids could play and earn power at the same time.

  7. Mr.flocablistener

    i still say yes but not everyone will want to get up to kick a sockerball for power so you guys should still try something else but this idea can help people in other countries without power.

  8. kaylah lee

    it helps by geting up and outsid.e while also helps get good power and energy without polluting it. so yeah thumbs up!

    1. bri smith

      I definitely agree, but I play field hockey at New Oxford and I think it would be cool for our school to have the socket but only for a field hockey ball:)

  9. Aleah

    I think that the “next big thing” is sooooo lame !!! I hte soccer and I really don’t care for anything that has to do with soccer!

  10. Chandra miller

    No…because some people might not like soccer.And might just want the light!for the next big thing we need something EVERYONE will love!:)

  11. Dylan

    That could help homeless people by them get that soccer when they get the amount of money to buy they can they could really use one

  12. payton c.

    well, I think this may be the next big thing because sure this may cost some big dollars, but just think about how much electricity you would be saving!!! Not to mention how much money you would save. For those people that said it wasn’t the next big thing, how sacred or worried would you be if there was a black out in your town/neighborhood and you didn’t have flashlights or if you did you didn’t have any batteries. Then what would you do? Plus this is a great way to get active and be healthy! So that’s why I said I think it is the next big thing.

  13. Ana-Corral

    Yes, it is the next big thing. I think it’s a pretty good idea because people will become more active, and it will help people gain more electricity.

  14. Nicholas-Hunter

    I believe this is the next big thing because in the future we need to create more of these so that we can exercise and get energy in the process. Lose weight, gain muscles, and get power in your home. That is a win-for-win deal.

  15. Emily Leshaw

    The electric soccer ball is the next big thing because it will save you money from the elcetricity bill and will keep you in shape.

  16. Tommy

    Yes. They could be donated to countries that have family’s that are in need. It would give kids something to do and the whole family would have some light.

  17. Charlie-McD

    Oh yeah! NBT!!! Classmates LOVE this stuff! I do! I get to know what is going on around the world. I think sole power was better though. Poor people can get donations, get active, and soon charge the whole town depending on how much electricity is being used per day witb the soccer ball. Light em up!

  18. Emma K.

    I think this will be a great way to get kids my age to be more active. I’ve played soccer for 5 years and I love it. This could be the beginning of something truly amazing!!

  19. Joshua lee

    The socket ball will be great because the people in Haiti and of the places around the world that doesn’t have electricity could play and had electricity. And shout ou to stover middle school in Elgin, south carolina.

  20. Joshua lee

    The socket ball will be great because the people in Haiti and of the places around the world that doesn’t have electricity could play and had electricity. And shout out to stover middle school in Elgin, south carolina.

  21. Kira Happy

    I play soccer myself and i think this would be a great idea. Especially for like a fundraiser, just your collecting energy for people who can’t afford it!

    1. Christopher Tibbott

      The cool thing about it is that a lot of people over the world don’t have a lot of money and a lot of people like to play soccer so the soccet was a good mix

  22. Kallie Johnson

    Yes, because everybody could use this.
    At home I have a limit on electronics (an hour on a weekend day) and if I could use the Soccket, I could play for an hour and then I could use the Soccket. I would earn my hour.
    Also, this could work for charity. Kids could play and then use the Soccket to have some light so they can do more things.

  23. Shealyn P

    I say yes because I think saving energy is great and at my house i save energy by turning off the lights when no one is using them, turn off the TV when Timothy gos to bed in his room and not leaving on the water.

  24. Cdmjukrulezp

    Kids will be happy because. The ball makes the exercise while they are chargin theyre devices clever trick for parents

  25. Katie Dunlap

    Totally! If someone has kids that play soccer, then they would save a TON of money by not paying electricity bills. Hey, maybe the kids will get some extra allowance…

  26. An

    Absolutely, my classmates and I all agree that this would be the next big thing! It might be expansive but it would be worth it! It’s a great way to have a good work out too!

  27. Caitlin Acker

    Yes! I think this is an amazing idea because me and my cousins kick a soccer ball all the time and I also think it is a good idea because if u don’t have a lot of money then u would just have to pay for the ball u wouldn’t have to pay for electricity! so therefore it is a wonderful idea!!!1

  28. angel lopez

    its a really good idea because if your power goes out all you have to do is play soccer, its a good way to stay active, save money and its good for the environment

  29. Jenica Ahern

    I think yes, there are many countries in the world who don’t have stable power or don’t have power at all.

  30. JK

    I think it is a great idea because children of all ages love to play sports a major of them play soccer so if everyone who plays soccer uses this product it will be better for our ecosystem because we wont use electricity so we wont use any CO2 and thats good

  31. audrey jones

    Yes! I love the idea because poor countries can use it to get energy that they can’t afford. Also anyone else that would get exercise and then treat themselves with electricity!

  32. Maddy B.

    Yes, I think its a great invention because America need to get active and go play a sport of some sort and it will also save money. instead of using a lamp to read you could save power and money. So with that little soccer ball you could get active, save power, help the environment, and save money.


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