April 12, 2012

PQC Number Two

Who is the President of Syria?

Megan: Hey, guys! I’m Megan Park from ABC Family‘s hit original series The Secret Life of the American Teenager, all new episodes Mondays. I’m so excited to take part in the third annual Channel One News Pop Quiz Challenge! Let’s see what you know!

Channel One News has been covering the conflict in Syria. Prostesters there are trying to kick out their president. So, your question is:

Who is the president of Syria?

A. Bashar al-Assad

B. Hosni Mubarak

C. Moammar Qaddafi

D. Benjamin Netanyahu

You’ve got five seconds.

Time’s up! The answer is “A,” Bashar al-Assad.

The Assad family has controlled Syria for over four decades. Last year, the Arab spring uprisings spread to Syria and people in that country are still fighting against the Assad government.


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