April 24, 2012

PQC Warm Up: Greece

Can you find this country on a map?

Josh: If you are like me, when you hear the words “european debt crisis” you might start nodding off. But for our friends in Greece, it is a life-or-death matter. And it is the topic of today’s Pop Quiz Challenge.

Kaitlyn: Hey, guys! I’m Kaitlyn Jenkins from ABC Family’s new original series Bunheads, premiering this June. I’m so excited to take part in the third annual Channel One News Pop Quiz Challenge. Let’s see what you know!

You’ve seen reports on Channel One about the debt problem in Greece. The country could not pay its bills and was bailed-out by the European Union. This is a map question for you:

Which highlighted country is Greece?

You’ve got five seconds.

The answer is “D.” The other countries are Albania, Bulgaria and Turkey.


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