May 3, 2012

PQC Warm-up Six


Shelby: We have got our last warm-up pop quiz for you before we get to the real deal — the Channel One News Pop Quiz Challenge in Los Angeles.

Brendan: Hey, guys. I’m Brendan Robinson from ABC Family’s hit original series Pretty Little Liars returning this June. I’m so excited to take part in the Third Annual Channel One News Pop Quiz Challenge!

Now, here’s your question. Good luck!

Channel One told you about protests and violence in Afghanistan after copies of the Muslim holy book were burned at a U.S. military base. What is the name of the Muslim holy book? Is it:

A. Torah

B. Islamic Bible

C. Quran

D. Sutra

Time’s up!

The answer is “C,” the Quran. Hope you got that right!

Alright, guys. That does it for our pop quiz preview questions. Next time we see you, it will be for the real thing. So, don’t forget to tune in on May 23rd to see twelve student contestants and ABC Family stars take on the Pop Quiz Challenge in Los Angeles!


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