Presidential Perks


The president’s responsibilities are huge, but the perks of the job are pretty big too. Discover what cool things the president gets to do as Commander in Chief. Plus, see if you can guess how past presidents spent their vacations.

Presidential Vacations

Pack your bags and travel back in time to past president vacations in this trivia quiz.

How Does the President Travel?

Find out how the presidents roll…


Forget flying first class, we're talking about having a private jet. That's the ultimate private jet-- Air Force One. The Boeing 747 is a flying "Oval Office" with over 4,000 square feet of floor space -- featuring a conference room, dining room and private rooms for the president.

There is also an area for members of the media and the two galleys are capable of providing food for more than 50 people.

The president also has a fleet of vehicles at his disposal, including a helicopter, a yacht and a customized limousine.

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Say goodbye to long lines because you have your very own personal movie theater tucked away in the White House. That's right, your very own plush and state-of-the-art screening room to watch the latest movies from Hollywood whenever you want.

Here's a fun fact: President Jimmy Carter watched the most movies of all the presidents to date-- 465 screenings in four years.

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Yes, there is a bowling alley in the White House. President Harry S. Truman installed it in 1947. Pictured here is President Nixon enjoying a game of bowling in the lower reaches of the West Wing.

It might only consist of two lanes, but it suffices for you and your closest friends who only need to go downstairs to knock over a few pins.

However, the real question is, do you still have to return the shoes?

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Too much money is never enough, or is it? For starters, as president, you'll receive an annual salary of $400,000. Then you can top it off with a $50,000 per year expense allowance. Now add in a $19,000 entertainment account that's renewable each year, and this might sound too good to be true.

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OK, so Camp David isn't like any camp you've ever been to. First, there are no counselors. Second, the food isn't bad. Third, you can bring anyone you want, since it's your exclusive, private getaway-- spread out over 125 acres.

Tucked away in Maryland's Catoctin Mountains, this place is used for everything from family vacations to schmoozing allies and sealing top-secret deals.

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After jet setting and hopping from your private chopper to your limo, it's easy to work up quite an appetite. But remember, you are the president so there's no need to worry. With five full-time chefs, you can eat whatever your heart desires.

If you have some bad shrimp-- don't fret-- just trot downstairs to your personal doctor's office to take two pills and call him in the morning.

Along with the chefs and doctor, you have a staff of more than 100 people to take care of you-- including florists, secretaries, groundskeepers and stewards.

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The White House is one of the most secure buildings in America-- it has a bomb shelter and all of those men in black-- a.k.a. the Secret Service.

Here's a historical fact: In 1901, after William McKinley became the third president killed in office, Congress unofficially assigned the Secret Service the new duty of protecting the new president, who was Theodore Roosevelt.

The Secret Service protects not only you, but your immediate family too.

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Could it be tougher to get on the guest list for a presidential bash than it is to get into the Secret Service? When that list has seen people such as John Travolta and Princess Diana (pictured), it's for sure an A-list party and that means: It's hard to get in.

That is, of course, unless you are rocker Ozzy Osburne and his wife Sharon. Including Bono from U2, these are just some of the people who have received those highly coveted invites to the White House.

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This is the place where it all happens-- the White House. As president you get free room and board, and with 132 rooms, 32 bathrooms and 28 fireplaces you don't have to worry about running out of space. Did you know that it costs about $4 million a year for upkeep alone?

Spread over 16 acres, this home at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue boasts a putting green, tennis court, swimming pool and jogging track.

The White House is also a museum containing priceless works of art and furniture.

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Your four- or eight-year run in the White House is over-- but that doesn't mean the party is over. You can sit back and enjoy the good life like President Bush, pictured here.

Your pension will be at least $148,000 each year and you will receive an additional $150,000 annually to maintain a fully staffed office.

Also, your 24-hour personal security remains intact for 10 years.

So, when it all adds up, being president turns out to be not such a bad gig after all.

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