Karen Knapstein
January 20, 2014
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Printz Board

“I always had a love of music,” shared Printz Board, who is best known (so far) for his work with the Black Eyed Peas. “I didn’t know to what heights it would go when I started,” but when he did, it was the way a lot of kids do. “I played the trumpet in the band. Jazz band, concert band…all the bands,” he laughed.feature-cover-printz-board

His early influences come from his family. “My mom listened to Earth, Wind and Fire, Chicago, Stevie Wonder. My grandparents listened to lots of classical music, and Nat King Cole, so all of that became a part of what I do today.”

He started writing his own music in college, where he studied music and business. “I realized I could go out and play and get paid, or I could write something and make ‘mailbox money’ — passive income” and that’s the path he followed. “It’s awesome to hear someone play something you’ve created,” he shared.

He’s inspired by “real life. Steven King will write about everyday things that are close to people, things that people can connect to, and I try to do that with music.” (In a much less creepy way, we hope!) ”My album came from being in the studio on a break and I found some stuff I really liked — for me. I’m not doing this to be a huge pop star, I just felt like this was my time.”

As far as being the front man instead of the composer? “I’m more nervous! It’s your name out there. If it’s great, you’re a hero, if not, you’re a zero! I’m excited I have this nervous energy, but it’s still nervous. If you’re the keyboard player, you can do your job and that’s it, but if you’re the front man, it’s 24/7, open to the world. It can get crazy!”

You can listen to three of those tracks he created for himself and that are on the the album below and keep up with Printz as he releases singles, tours and finds out what being the front man is really like this spring.


“Love Love Love”

“Hey You”




100 comments on “Printz Board

    1. Aidan Wroe

      This guy is like the square root of a taco times the circumference of lemonade divided by Chuck Norris’s third eyeball, equaling… YOUR FACE

      A Heartless Goat Living in Hawaii That Likes Tacos Johnson

      (My Actual Name There)

  1. Jet42776

    Love your songs and you you are a great rule mottle and you are just
    Amazing love you song mountains because you are right and I have been bullied
    Before so I know how that feels and you are write thanks for writing that song
    It really made my day and it makes me really happy. I also love you song
    Love love love you are just so great and your songs make me happy and I hope
    You love what you do because I would love to be a singer and speak through my music
    And give it a meaning

  2. Kayla

    “Mountains” Absolutely love this song, it speaks to me in many ways. Especially working out. <3 I would love to download it but can't seem to find a download file. :/ Same goes for youtube. Please make a video or lyrics or something, that would be great! Thanks channel one for music that tries to be discovered. I always seem to like all the songs that you play previously. (:

  3. amanda

    I can’t believe im leaving something is telling me to saty with joe but something else is telling me he will be okay….. in love I guess…. I love you baby

  4. tooth fairy

    I never tried any other song by you other than Hey You it’s very cool. But why did you make the rest of the songs slow? I was just wondering why because the reason why I never listened to mountains and love love love is because they’re slow make more songs that are fast! But I guess I start listening to some slow songs for a little while. Just for a little while not for a long time though. I guess I’ll try them two songs if any more tweets about these songs. I think I’ll try it once in a while. Also I think that you are awesome as hell. I love your looks too. What ever you sing or do I want to be like you and your hot self. Thank you for letting me speak to you. And when you get this message I want you to feel loved. Okay! Bye-bye!

  5. amanda

    hey baby today is my last day. im leaving at 10 this morning. im gonna miss you so much! I woke up and cried this morning. I love you so much you mean everything to me you are my whole world.

  6. Alexis-Banks

    Everybody I Like Sam-Mixon, Dillion, Miles , And Rashon , I wish I Dillion Would Pay Me any Attention, I aint Gion To tell Crystal ..

  7. Alexis Banks

    Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward in the same direction.


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