May 7, 2012

Prom Highlights


Jessica: Prom. For many people it is the dance that marks the end of high school. But this year, prom was a way for some schools to celebrate the strength of their communities. Others got the chance to rock out. And a lucky few were even starstruck.

Two communities hit hard by devastating tornadoes didn’t miss out on prom this year.

Student: It’s just good to be here.

Student: I didn’t think at first they were going to pull it off. But this is even better than all the past proms.

Jessica: The high school in Henryville, Indiana was destroyed by a tornado just two months ago.

‘None of us have had anything like this, and it’s a big deal because a lot of these kids lost their homes.”

Jessica: And students in Joplin, Missouri pulled together prom night with help from singer Katy Perry, who donated money for dresses, flowers and portraits.

“It used to be the sadness and everything’s gone but now it’s just, ‘We’re going to get there. We’re going to recover.’”

Jessica: Their high school was completely wiped out by a tornado last year.

Student: We’ve gone through much that it’s kind of just become second nature to try and be happy with what we have.”

Jessica: And at Chardon High School in Ohio, prom was a time to celebrate after a very tough year.

“It will be really special.”

Jessica: Students are still recovering from a deadly shooting in February.

“We just need to show them how strong we’ve really became since everything happened. Chardon is such a close community. It’s mind-blowing seeing all the love.”

Jessica: The school won a contest to have their prom at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

“It’s great to see those students getting a chance to have some fun.”

Jessica: Prom has been making headlines at some other schools too, thanks to some pretty cool dates. At Lincoln High School in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the student council teamed up with the seniors from the special education department.

“I have a perfect date for me and I decided to ask her to prom on Friday, and she said yes. So, that made me smile.”

“We were thinking about it and, you know, prom is a special thing and we think they deserve to go to prom too.”

“You just, like, this and go like this, and you Dougie.”

Jessica: In Excelsior Springs, Missouri, soccer player and cancer survivor, Kori Quinn scored a date with her hero.

Kori Quinn: What can he say? No? So, you might as well ask.

Jessica: She went to prom with Matt Besler, the defender of the Sporting Kansas City pro soccer team.

Matt Besler: She’s such a strong girl. Really impressed by the way she fights.

Jessica: And another teen in Iowa went to prom with her hero too — former Heisman Trophy winner and NFL quarterback Tim Tebow. Ok, so it was really a cardboard cutout of Tebow.

Student: I’m, like, so glad I brought Tim because it made it so fun because then everybody was just kind of light-hearted, I think. That’s why it was really fun.

Jessica: And what else was in this year? Well, if you ask some students at First Baptist Academy in Dallas, it is pale skin. They took a pledge to stay out of the tanning beds to help prevent skin cancer.


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