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The tradition of prom (short for promenade) is about a hundred years old. The original idea behind holding a prom was to give students an opportunity to practice exercising their best behavior and dancing skills for what might be a first formal date. It’s a fun tradition — but it has also caused a ton of controversy over the years.

Critics have increasingly called out prom-goers for going over-the-top with dresses, tuxes, dinners, up-dos, limos, etc., not to mention those who use prom as an opportunity to forgo self-control entirely.

Now, to combat what many view as a tradition that has spiraled out of control, some schools are scheduling the big night for an evening that’s typically not such a big deal — like a Wednesday, when students have to be back at school on Thursday and theoretically tucked into bed by midnight.

What do you think? Will having prom on a weeknight keep everyone safer? Or will it just make prom less fun for everyone? Cast your vote in the poll below and share your thoughts with us in the comments section! 


Weeknights have the potential to be just as unsafe as weekends but having students realize that they have to go to school the next day will cause more to stay in that night and any improvement is substantial. The majority of students may not like it but a weeknight prom is safer. -- Scott, TX, 17


I believe students are going to do what they would do on weekends on a weeknight. -- Stephanie, AZ, 18


I believe that weekday proms are just the same as weekend proms because kids can still skip school. My prom was this past Saturday and nothing happened so it's just about making smart decisions. -- Katie, TX, 17


A lot of students will miss out on their education on prom day because of the preparation they will have to go through in order to be ready for prom. -- Janai, GA, 17


I do not think it is safer. If students really want to go out and party they will and just not go to school the next day, not worrying about the unexcused absence. -- Eric, NJ, 17


Prom on a weeknight is definitely safer than on a weekend. Most kids have an earlier curfew on weeknights than on weekends. With an earlier curfew less partying will be involved and with that less underage drinking. Even if it only prevents a couple of kids from being out late it still makes a difference. -- Austin, UT, 13


Students' parents will be more involved in their attendance at school the next day. Students are more likely to stay out of trouble on a school night. -- Dahlton, IN, 14

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