May 9, 2013

Prom Season


Scott: Turntables and tuxedos. Heels and hairdos. Prom night. It is the celebration after a year of hard work that makes this one night of freedom so memorable. But for some teens across the country, their struggles have made this year’s prom even more memorable.

Months after Superstorm Sandy tore through the Northeast, a nonprofit organization in Staten Island, New York is bringing relief and happiness to storm victims by giving away 1,000 prom dresses.

Dennis McKeon: Parents don’t – right now – don’t have the facilities to help out because their money is going to rebuilding. So, what we figured was lets help out.

Scott: And in Wisconsin, eighteen-year-old Charley Gainey, who has down syndrome, was surprised to find out that his peers had nominated him for prom king.

Charley Gainey: I am so excited to be nominated!

Scott: And even more surprised to find out that his date would be Miss Minnesota!

Danielle Hooper: I think sometimes people with disabilities can get left out, and this just shows that his class thinks of him as another student and doesn’t single him out for his disabilities or anything like that.

Scott: And he is not the only one taking his dream girl to prom. Kody Kingree from Missouri asked his date to the prom 2,400 times!

Mckanna Lambert: I said yes! Yeah, I can’t say no to this.

Kody Kingree: I think it impressed her. I’m not going to lie.

Scott: About 150 teens in Louisiana partied at this prom put on by the children’s hospital. Most of those attending suffer from some form of cancer or other debilitating disease.

Kiara Alexander: I get to see other kids, like, instead of seeing them in the hospital, I get to see them outside to see how good they actually feel.

Scott: And in Greenwich, Connecticut, Nichole Graham, who nearly died in her battle against cancer just a few months ago, not only got to go to her prom, she was elected queen!

Federico Mato: She’s pretty beautiful!

Scott: For all of the teens who have struggled, prom will be an escape from reality and a night to remember.


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