A couple of weeks ago, we told you about the rising cost of prom — the average teen spends $1,000 to get ready for the dance. Now that prom season is in full-swing, we thought it was time to share a few highlights from the big evening that makes spending all that cash worthwhile.

First up, a group of seniors in Michigan hosted an all-girl prom. Instead of staying home because of religious beliefs about dating too soon, a group of girls threw their own party, no boys allowed, that included plenty of dancing and, we would imagine, sparkle-y, girl-y things.

Do you remember doing a Flat Stanley project back in first or second grade? Apparently, so does Rachel Bird, who brought a life-size cardboard version of Tim Tebow to her prom. After the quarterback neglected to answer a tweet she sent him asking if he’d like to attend the dance (she admits that she didn’t really expect him to), Bird took matters into her own hands. Taking advantage of a special at a local copy shop, she printed her date before completing the cut out with help from her dad, according to The DesMoines Register. Her classmates were thrilled to have Rachel’s ‘date’ at the dance — many of them took pictures with both.

Apparently, cardboard dates are all the rage this year — Rachel was
joined by a Colorado teen who had the same idea last year. Despite being a Colorado native,
she didn’t pick Tebow, but Justin Beiber.

Finally, here’s one for the guys. For some reason, all the talk about prom and young men always seems to involve the “Prom-posal,” like the video Zach Rivas in Arizona made to woo his date. We hope she said yes!

Are you hitting the prom this year? What are you most looking forward to?


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