Pump it Up


If you live somewhere that has had any bad weather lately, you might have noticed what a drag it is when something happens to make the light go out, not to mention the TV, your computer, and worst of all, when the battery on your phone eventually, inevitably cascades down to empty. What’s more, the environmental impact of the way we power our homes and schools is just not as sustainable as it could be.

That’s why this idea for the next big thing might just have legs. Though it started as an art project in the Portuguese city of Guimar this swing set does a lot more than just provide a few minutes of entertainment on a playground — it uses the energy created by swinging to produce power that turns on lights. And for now, it’s just small scale, but what if playgrounds of the future were put to work powering our neighborhoods, saving energy produced with fossil fuels.

We want to know what you think about this idea. Is swinging the lights on the next big thing? Or is this idea taking the fun out of the swings? Vote in the poll now!

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