Put a Hood on It


Have you ever just wanted to shut out the world for a little while?

That can be hard to do with all the distractions most of us have around most of the time. And let’s face it, the Snuggie just doesn’t cover your face, eyes and ears unless you want to leave your toes dangling in the cold. But this new product might be the perfect companion to achieve complete “cocoon-ification,” as they call it. As the name implies, the Hoodie-Pillow is a pillowcase that comes with a built-in hoodie. The idea is to lay back, relax and lounge around in peace and quiet by covering your ears, eyes or your entire head if you?d like.

But while the idea of a personal peaceful sanctuary is appealing, we can?t help but wonder if it might also get a little stuffy under that hood. We want to know what you think. Is the Hoodie-Pillow the Next Big thing? Vote in the poll now to let us know!

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