October 11, 2010

Rahm Emanuel


Rahm Emanuel is the White House chief of staff. A former Illinois congressman and advisor to President Bill Clinton, Emanuel is known for his aggressiveness, intelligence and political moxie.

Also from Chicago, Mr. Emanuel has been connected to President Obama since they both arrived in Washington. As chief of staff, he is the senior While House official and presidential aide. His responsibilities include hiring and managing White House staffers and controlling the flow of people and information into the Oval Office. Ultimately, the chief of staff is charged with protecting and promoting the interests of the President.

Emanuel has a background in finance — he worked on Wall Street for three years after leaving the Clinton White House and before becoming a congressman — leading critics to question his ability to neutrally contribute to overcoming the financial crisis.

On a personal level, his brother, Ari Emanuel, is the model for Hollywood agent Ari Gold on the HBO television series ‘Entourage.’ He is married and has three children.

Emanuel left the White House in October of 2010 to run for mayor of Chicago.

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