Karen Knapstein
February 14, 2012

RAK Week


Yesterday, we told you about Generosity Day, a new campaign that wants to expand the meaning of Valentine’s Day.

Today, we found out about Random Acts of Kindness Week! Not that anytime isn’t a good opportunity to pay it forward, but the idea of setting aside a week a year to really go all out is just great.
In that spirit, here’s a list of seven things you can do to participate:
1. Pay for the drink of the person behind you in the lunch line.
2. Write a note to your fave teacher, thanking them for all the hard work (or for their sense of humor, or whatever it is you like about them).
3. Make a point of an extra special thank you for your mom or dad or grandma or whoever is slaving over the stove in the kitchen for your dinner.
4. Gather up gently used clothes, books or toys and donate them to a shelter. (This also works in your favor, since you’ll be cleaning and de-cluttering your room).
5. Volunteer to help out a friend with their chores.
6. Can you drive? Offer someone who normally take the bus a ride to school. Remember to buckle up!
7. You’re on Facebook already, so take a few minutes to write a post on a friend’s wall about why you like them.
How easy are those? Let us know if you did any of them and how it went, and share your own ideas in the comments. Here’s to kindness!

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