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May 15, 2014

Recruiting Student Spies


Shelby: The U.S. government says that foreign spy agencies are targeting American students – not to spy on them, but to get them to spy on the U.S. Keith Kocinski explains.

Keith: The Federal Bureau of Investigation says it has seen a rise in American college students who have been approached by foreign spy agencies. That is why the FBI made this public service announcement a film called Game of Pawns.

Game of Pawns: Working for CIA would be beneficial for both you and us.

Keith: It is a warning for Americans studying in foreign countries.

Game of Pawns: You were just a pawn. One of many.

Keith: It tells the real-life story of Glenn Shriver, a 22-year-old from Michigan who studied in Shanghai, China. He found what seemed to be an innocent job online writing papers on U.S./China relations.

Glenn Shriver: It was free money. No strings attached.

Keith: But over time, the job changed and he was convinced to spy on the U.S. government and accepted $70,000 from Chinese operatives. He was caught by the FBI and is now serving a four-year prison sentence.

Glenn: Recruitment is going on. You know, don’t fool yourself.

Keith: In an FBI interview from prison, Glenn warned students not to make the same mistakes he did.

Glenn: If someone’s offering you money and it feels like you don’t have to do anything for that money, then there’s probably a hook in there that you’re not seeing.

Keith: The FBI won’t say how many students have been turned into spies but they say they are an attractive target.

Philip Mudd: They’re a lot easier to go after in terms of recruitment than trying to go after a few people at the Department of Defense or the CIA.

Keith: And university students may have access to research in science and technology that can prove as valuable as any government secrets.

Keith Kocinski, Channel One News.


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