Remote-Control Rescuers


You know how people say that if something terrible ever happens, cockroaches will be the only thing surviving on the planet?

That idea might have inspired this idea for the next big thing — cyborg-cockroaches — that come with remote controls. Researchers at North Carolina State University wanted to create a tiny vehicle that could carry a camera or microphone into a tight space, like the kind of rubble that exists after an earthquake or other disaster. And maybe they had seen Wall-E too many times, but their solution was to modify the common, every day cockroach into a futuristic version.

The modified roaches aren’t harmed by the remote-control aspect, it just makes the roach think it’s encountered an obstacle and move another direction. The roaches act like tiny robots that happen to be able to crawl into the tiniest of spaces.

What do you think? Could these “bio-bots” be saving lives soon? Vote in the poll to weigh in!

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