Repossessed by A.M Jenkins


Ever considered what might happen if you inadvertently stepped in front of a bus? Seventeen-year-old Shaun hadn’t, until it happened to him and a demon in need of a vacation from his fiery home took over his body.

At first, the demon, Kiriel, is thrilled to be in the world instead of observing it. Ketchup is a delicious wonder, homework is a pleasure (he likes using many different tools to write) and no one has ever taken a longer bath. But when real feeling gets involved, will being human become too much for Kiriel?

While the quirky concept isn’t entirely original, this narrative offers a fresh perspective that will encourage you to examine and appreciate daily routines in a new way — reminding you that every soul has a story.

About the Author

A. M. Jenkins is the award-winning author of Damage, Beating heart: A Ghost Story, and the Printz Honor Book Repossessed and lives in Benbrook, Texas, with three sons, two cats and two dogs. Jenkins received the PEN/Phyllis Naylor Working Writer Fellowship for Night Road.

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