Karen Knapstein
September 5, 2013

Rescue Robots

Velcro. Bullet trains. Sonar. All innovations inspired by nature. Now, there might be a new item to add to the list — tiny flying robots.

In an emergency situation, like if a building collapses or a gas leak makes a space too toxic to enter, first responders have started using robots to enter a space that wouldn’t be safe for a person. The problem, however, is that in an challenging environment a robot can be difficult to maneuver — they end up running into something and breaking. Now, however, inspired by the flight patterns of insects, new technology allows the robots to crash into something without breaking, which apparently happens to insects all the time.

The Airburr is designed a lot like a housefly. It can buzz around an area and survey the scene, providing vital information, without doing damage to itself, or anything in it’s path. So are these flying robots the next big thing? Vote “yes” or “no,” then leave a comment telling us why.


37 comments on “Rescue Robots

  1. James Toomey

    Have you heard about or already done the robotic arms that you can control with just your mind? You just attach some wires to the stub of your arm or you get a surgery done to attach it right to your brain. Now that’s the next big thing.

    1. Whit

      I agree yes that it is a good idea but I think that it would be much better I it had a firearm attached to it so that the police or even the military could use it. Maybe even on or in Syria depending on how this week goes

  2. logan

    ITS ALREADY THERE i have a thing called a parrot ar drone and it does the EXACT same thing so no it is not the next big thing

  3. Marie Wells

    I think that thy would not be able to do as much good as maybe something that could alert 911 as soon as a disaster happens no matter what it is. But i do have to admit it is a very cool invention that gives to a GREAT cause.

  4. Gabe R.

    Can’t wait to see what these robots will do! Imagine how many lives we can save. This is definitely the Next Big Thing.

  5. Ansley M

    I believe that the robots are the next big thing because they could save people’s lives without endangering the people operating them. If the robot fails, the person operating it can still help out.

  6. Alec Doss

    I honestly think that it is a great idea, and people should go for it. The only problem that I see about it is the battery life.

  7. Taya

    The Robots are a great idea they could save lives and probably even firefighters lives, but I vote no cause of how many firefighters across the country will lose their jobs.

  8. Cameron

    I think they will be very helpful in situations such as toxic things. These robots could go in and see what’s going on, but they looked like they were hard to control. Besides that I think they are such a great idea!

  9. 2013-9-10-Reagan-Walker

    Yes they can be very useful especially so that people don’t have to risk their life in a building that is collapsing or has a gas leak!!!!!

  10. Jessica Gilliland

    Robots? I don’t see how tiny robots would save a person better than a human could? Why do we keep replacing us with technology?

  11. Annie C.

    I think that a rescue robot would be super cool and helpful If a rescue person couldn’t reach someone maybe a robot can. you have to look at the cons too though like the fact a robot mightnotbe the most effitiont thing ever and it might not be the most compfoting thing ever if you are traumetized but it sure could be helpful.

  12. Joseph Howerton

    The robots are tiny and have no brain. They also are not strong enough to lift a victim of a fire or gas leak. Unless a human can get in the building with it it’s not such a good idea


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