March 1, 2012
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Right the Stars


For Right the Stars, things are starting to fall into place. After “wanting to do music my whole life,” front man Rich Jacques shared, “things are coming together effortlessly.” Which doesn’t mean it didn’t take years of work to get to the point that he could say that.

As a kid “I was a fan of all the ’80s New Wave bands [that influence is clear, and welcome, in almost all of their tracks] and my friends and I started a band. But I became obsessed with the guitar after moving to Ohio [from Wisconsin] at age 14. You can imagine what that was like.” He went on to explain that it was really just hard, at that age, to start in a new town and school, so it made him focus on music. After studying art in college (“it’s like looking at music from another angle” he explained), his first record came out. Eventually, he started collaborating — “it was fun to get together and start with a cool drum groove” and come up with new songs.

“Then I moved to L.A. It’s great, much more supportive to be in a community that supports artists.” The first Right the Stars record came out, with that seamless lineup, in 2009 and second Hello, Yes, OK was released this spring. You can hear tracks from that below.


“Best Day of Our Lives”

“Computer Crimes”

“Give it All”

“Together We’re Never Alone”




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