Road Bites: Maine

You haven’t really been to a city unless you’ve eaten there (or at least that’s how my inner foodie justifies splurging on dinners while on the road). Food is the heart and soul of a city?s culture. So I don?t mean a gas station snack or a quick lunch at some chain restaurant you can find in any town center ? I?m talking a full on meal of whatever food makes that city special. What nibble makes the locals shout? Because that?s where I?ll be eating.

So imagine how stoked I was when I found out my first shoot — for a story on seeds that will air next season — would be in Maine. Born in New England, I know a thing or two about lobster. But Maine? Well, Maine is on a whole other lobster level. Up there, they don?t just do lobster ? they do Lobstah.

And Lobstah I did. My producer, Kristen Sachau, and I wrapped our shoot with 3 hours to spare ? and I knew just how I wanted to spend those few hours. We noticed the line of people before we saw the unassuming shack that read: Red?s Eats.

Anything worth waiting in that long of a line must be tasty, so we pulled over and joined the Lobstah masses. During the wait, we found out this tiny store front is a star, having been covered by just about every media outlet (including Food Network and Travel Channel) and having its own fresh lobster cookbook. Check out the slideshow below for the pics!

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