April 3, 2009

Robert Gates


Given the current state of the world and our relations with some groups particularly in the Middle East and in North Korea, our current Secretary of Defense must be both brave and diplomatic. Robert Gates fits both criteria. Before working as the principal defense advisor to the President in all matters of the military, he worked in the Central Intelligence Agency and was president of Texas A&M University.

As a an agent of national defense in the CIA for 26 years and the head of an important educational institution, he has a unique perspective. When he was nominated for the President’s cabinet, he was met with bipartisan acceptance due to his experience and his role as Defense Secretary for President Bush in 2006.

A Witchita, Kansas native, Mr. Gates grew up enjoying Boy Scouts. He went to Witchita East High School and the College William and Mary where he studied History. Afterward, he received his Master’s degree in History from Indiana University and also began working for the CIA.

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