April 3, 2009

Robert Gibbs


As the White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs is the spokesperson for the administration. He is also the link between the President and the public. Anyone President Obama meets or anything concerned with his schedule, it is the Press Secretary’s responsibility to report to the American people.

Robert Gibbs has worked with Mr. Obama since 2004, advising him through his two years as a senator and now on the national level in the White House. Some say he is often the last person the President speaks with before taking the stage.

Before working with Barack Obama, he worked for several senators including John Kerry. He was also the communications director for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Yet, Gibbs’ involvement in politics dates back to when he was a child.

Robert “Bobby” Gibbs’ mother brought him to meetings for the League of Women Voters. And in high school he was on the debate team, for Auburn High School in Auburn, Alabama. After graduation, he attended North Carolina State University with a degree in political science.

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