Even though we know we’re well into fall, it’s always nice to do a little summer reminiscing. And that’s what this idea for the next big thing is all about.

The Flyboard uses water from a jet ski to propel a rider through the air and water. And if that sounds a little like what a jet ski does already, this is something where the video makes all the difference. When you see it in action, it’s really cool — and definitely seems like it could be the wave of the future.

The only downside we see is the price — it’ll cost you about $7,500, and that’s after you’ve already bought a jet ski. But we want to know what you think. Is this water-powered jet back the transportation of the future? Or will this idea just sink your budget? Vote now!

4 comments on “Rocketman!

  1. pedro

    awsome but what if it stops working and you are 8 feet below sea level did you think of that smart guy/s

  2. Fish Filet

    75,000 dollars only rich people would buy and you would have to shut down your buisness because you would not make enough money to buy the materials


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