October 29, 2010

Roll With It

by Karen Knapstein

Just when you think a piece of technology has reached it’s apex, they go and do something new with it. Are we talking about mp3 players? A new 3D TV? Time travel? Nope. We’re talking toilet paper rolls. And the new technology makes said roll completely obsolete.

It’s big news for the folks who make the TP — a $9 billion industry according to USA Today — where big news is often in short supply. And this story isn’t just about losing the roll — apparently the makers of the paper figured out a new way to wind the roll so the cardboard inside is no longer necessary. And with other brands sure to follow, we could soon be saving the paper that went into 17 billion cardboard rolls a year.

But what about art projects, you ask? We guess kindergarten kids everywhere will just have to resort to using paper towel rolls for their homemade flower vases, binoculars and Easter egg holders. What do you think? Are you ready to roll free? Vote now!


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