November 19, 2012
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Singer-songwriter Roxiny grew up “all over the place, immersed in different cultures.” The Dominican daughter of a Naval officer turned dimplomat and aid worker, she’s lived in Spain, Panama, Italy and now, the United States. As a kid, “I had access to people I wouldn’t normally have had because my father had a friend who was a doctor, so he would bring us with him when he went to provide care to the poorest people and I would hang out there. I remember once I ended up bringing home a little monkey.”

“Our parents tried to get us to be a part of the culture of the places we lived, not just observers,” she explained. Her musical roots came from her parents as well. “At five, I told my mom I was going to be a punk-rock singer. My mom was a singer, my father is a musician. He played us everything from Flamenco to old school Cuban music to — the other day he spent hours listening to Ethiopian folk music. He always asks ‘what do you think of this?’”

What’s more, she explained, “since I was little, I was born to perform, at family parties, wherever I could. At twelve or thirteen I started writing — poetry at first, free thoughts, but I soon started putting melodies with my lyrics.”

And though she’s now based in New York, she hasn’t given up her love of the exotic “I’ve never been anyplace that has as much diversity as New York,” she shared. Her goal is to use her love of performing and writing and playing with humanitarian work. “I have a degree in international relations and I know it’s going to come together. My project is feminine — I want to use that energy to work against human trafficking. I used to see things I never would have imagined, girls living on the streets, and I have a need to raise funds to help them.”

Her songs don’t shy away from those themes. “‘Belong’” is about trying to find your purpose. ‘Free’ is about dealing with anything that haunts you — growing from things and become a little more fierce.” That message is reflected in the advice she would give an aspiring artist. “For anything you dream of doing, believing in yourself is half the battle. You have to stay focused and true to yourself, it will help you along your journey to fulfill that dream.”

You can keep up with Roxiny’s journey on her website and Twitter feed.







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