Christa Fletcher
July 24, 2013
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Royal Bliss


The only bliss this band seems to encounter is their music. Dubbed the “unluckiest band in rock,” after a series of personal hardships, the band Royal Bliss┬áhas stuck it out through thick and thin — and from one label to the next. With each other’s help and support, the band mates overcame fatal car crashes, a ski accident and personal struggles with alcohol and drugs on their journey to stardom.

The band met after high school, when guitarist Chris Harding saw future front man Neal Middleton performing at a pizza parlor. They immediately clicked, started recording independently and soon hit the road touring. Things were going well for the band in 2004 until Middleton nearly died in a car crash.

Though he survived, he was paralyzed from the accident. Miraculously, Middleton was able to rehabilitate himself and continue recording with the band.

Royal Bliss sold about 8,000 albums on their own, which garnered label interest from The Control Group. They worked with a number of other record labels on their next few albums, finally settling with Capitol Records for their latest release Life In Between.

Though the band struggled at first, it seems they’ve come out that much stronger — which I’d argue makes them one of the luckiest bands in rock.

Listen to the tracks below to experience the bliss for yourself.

Pocket of Dreams

Save Me

Devil’s Angels

Here They Come


Meet the Band:

Neal Middleton -- Vocals

Taylor Richards -- Guitar

Jake Smith -- Drums

Chris Harding -- Guitar

Tommy Gunn -- Bass



Pearl Jam
The Toadies
Tom Petty
Rage Against The Machine
The Beatles
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Alice In Chains
Snoop Dogg
Local Bands
Johnny Cash
Led Zeppelin
John Denver
Jimmy Eat World
Simon & Garfunkel
Frank Sinatra



Free Again (1998)
Gimme A Little Bliss (1999)
Old's Cool (2001)
King Size (2001)
After the Chaos (2005)
After the Chaos II (2006)
Life In Between(2008)


Royal Bliss

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