Ruby Red


Gwen has known her entire life that her older cousin is the special one. In their eccentric home, her cousin is constantly being prepared for the big day when she will make her first trip through time and the responsibilities that come with that.

By the time she makes her first jump, it’s too late for her to spend any time preparing. It’s challenging enough to convince her family that she’s the one with the genetic gift, or curse, depending on how you look at it. Then she meets the arrogant, but undeniably attractive, Gideon, who is fated to be her contemporary on her trips to the past.

Will she be able to maker her family proud, protect herself and stay the same person she discovered the truth? And what else will she learn about on her journeys to the past? Gier’s romantic story is an excellent opportunity to explore fashions of the past, if nothing else, but it’s also a page-turner that will have you wanting to learn German so you don’t have to wait for the next translation to be published.

About the Author

German author Kerstin Gier is making her American debut with the publication of Ruby Red in the United States. The trilogy, already a best-seller for her at home, has inspired Twilight-esque devotion from it’s fans.

In addition to this series, Gier has also written one other young adult novel and many books for women.

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