September 5, 2012

Run for Your Lives

Scott Evans ran for it at a very special 5k this weekend.

Scott: Let’s start from the beginning.

We are here just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for the 2012 Run for Your Lives zombie-infested 5k. And the zombies have indeed taken over!

Over 5,000 runners, and more than 750 who want to be zombies flocked to the little town of Butler for the just over 3-mile race.

“It’s one part obstacle race/mud run, one part music festival – all parts awesome. People can immerse themselves. They’ve got airbrush, they have wounds on their faces, they have blood thrown at them, mud sprayed on ‘em.”

Here’s how it works: runners get three lives, which are flags on your waist. The zombies are out for your lives. My objective was to get through all the obstacles and make it to the finish line – alive, with at least one flag.

Brian also told me there would be a chance during some of the race obstacles that I could be shocked – like half-a-police-Taser shocked

“I don’t think we are prepared to be shocked.”

“It’s half a police Taser.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“I wish I was kidding you.”

“Shocking you say?”

“Like a Taser.”

“Won’t be me.”

“You sure?”


Now meet Michael, a brave soul about to undergo “zombification.”

“I am ecstatic about this. I am really happy, can’t wait to go chase people, hunt people down. It’s going to be awesome.”

After his transformation was complete, it was time to put our flag belts on and get the run underway.

I am ecstatic about this, I’m really happy. I can’t wait to just go chase people and hunt people down. It’s going to be awesome.

Now that their transformation is complete, it was time to get our flag belts on and get the run underway.

Look who we ran into just over halfway through the run.

“We caught up with Brandon. He’s got a life left. He’s doing great. How do you feel, man?”

“I’m still pretty excited.”

And though the zombies had finally ended, what was left was just as bad. A pitch-black mud crawl and one last obstacle: getting under an electric fence.

“We made it! “


Now that the run was over it was time to get my zombie on. How do I look? Hahahaha.


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