Christa Fletcher
February 12, 2012
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Runner Runner


When we caught up with the Southern California band Runner Runner, they were driving to a town outside of Atlanta, Georgia for a gig. Frontman Ryan Ogren chatted with us about how the band met on tour and what it’s like to be in a close-knit punk-infused rock band.

Runner Runner, formed from three other punk bands, got together two years ago and has been going non-stop ever since. With a self-titled album and hot singles like “So Obvious,” the band has hit the road for a long tour and remains as motivated as ever to play solid shows and keep working their way to the top of the music charts. In fact, that’s what brought them all together, a shared passion to play well and make this their careers.

“We definitely have a tight bond,” said Ogren, “from the ashes of three bands came Runner Runner. As people grow up and find that music is not their life, what was left is this.”

How does this phoenix-like band stay motivated? Well, for starters, the band has each other. They share the same goals and outlook. Yet Ogren says that their fans are their biggest motivator. “We are pretty connected with our fans on Facebook and Twitter. And when we get to meet fans, puts smiles on their faces, it’s an amazing feeling.”

Despite the excitement and satisfaction of touring, driving across the country and being away from family can be tough for Ogren, guitarists Nick Bailey and Peter Munters, bassist Jon Berry and drummer James Ulrich. In fact, their single “So Obvious” was inspired by the way the band feels about traveling. “It’s hard to get used to being away from loved ones,” explained Ogren, “but it will be ok, because it’s so obvious, ‘my heart beats for you.’”

Like the band’s genuine bond, they are also great at “capturing their feelings” for songwriting. According to Ogren, “inspiration can come in a moment,” which is so obvious from our discussion about touring, getting creative and spending some quality time with best friends. For more about the band and to hear tracks from their new album, check out their feature below.
Christa Fletcher

“So Obvious”


“Hey Alli”

“She’s My Kinda Girl”


Ryan Ogren (vocals)

Nick Bailey (guitar)

Peter Munters (guitar)

Jon Berry (bass)

James Ulrich (drums)


"The story of Runner Runner is really one of following your heart all the way to rock bottom, battling rejection, the fatigue of the road and the vastness of humanity, and bouncing all the way back into a stratosphere we may have never even realized we could reach.

Some of us channel our creativity from family or an obsession with cards or guitars; some of us find truth in the ocean. In the end, although we’re very different, our songs and our accountability to one another make us whole."
--Peter Munters (guitar)


Every wonder how bands choose their name?

According to the band's website, "Runner Runner" is actually a poker term with "its origins in Ogren and Berry's love of poker: 'runner runner' is a poker term that, loosely defined, means 'coming out of nowhere and pulling off a winning hand at the last possible moment.'"

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