February 18, 2012
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Ryan Lutz


New Jersey native Ryan Lutz went to the big city (in this case, Los Angeles) to go to film school. Along the way, he got a little distracted after spending some time with a cousin in a recording studio — or maybe it was the studio┬áthat was distracted. While he was there, they asked him if he could sing. When he explained that not only could he sing, but that he also wrote his own songs, a star was born.

As a teen, he progressed from writing raps to songs that are more in his current genre — pop-country with broad appeal — when he taught himself to play guitar. Now, he explained in a phone interview, “I write what I would like to listen to, what’s fun for me. Even though I was in film school and you would think I would be into something more serious, I really just wanted to write movies that were big blockbusters, and my music is the same.”

Lutz, who just finished recording an “unofficial album,” is now spending time doing small gigs around L.A. and writing new material. For him, the goal is to continue to be able to make music for as long as possible.

“Last First Kiss”

“Second Chance”

“She Knows”


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