May 24, 2012

Sacred Sober


Josh: There is a unique program in eastern Maryland for teenagers who have gotten mixed up in drugs or alcohol. It is called Reset, and it uses some unconventional methods to help give young offenders a chance to turn their lives around before it is too late.

“You’ve been in an accident.”

Josh: The Chester River Hospital Center is not a typical hangout for these Baltimore area teenagers.

“Twenty-three-year-old female.”

“I guess we’re here to scare you. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t do drugs and drive.”

Josh: These young people spent a good part of their friday night at the hospital’s morgue…

“Anybody know what the effects of cocaine are on your heart?”

Josh:…getting a lesson they probably won’t soon forget.

“It enlarges it. It makes it hard.”

“If you overdose on drugs, you’re going to get one of these in the emergency room — awake. Into the stomach, and then they’re going to pump you out with charcoal.”

Josh: Then came the samples of liquid charcoal.

“then they’re going to pump you out with charcoal.”

Josh: It is given to overdose victims to absorb dangerous toxins in the body.

“Ehhh! You don’t want to taste this!”

Josh: The students also got a crash course in backboards, neck braces and other equipment used at the scene of car accidents. With those visuals came a very direct warning.

“This is the only time I want you to see the inside of an OR, the inside of a trauma room. Okay?”

“This is your brother, your cousin. Guess what? He died right here.”

“It’s about this time of year, too. Prom time and graduation time.”

Josh: Organizers hope an unsettling night at the hospital will get these teens to “reset” their behavior.

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