November 7, 2012

Sandy Volunteers

The region damaged by the storm is welcoming help from around the country.

Julian: Furniture is now firewood on Staten Island, New York where many residents braved yet another freezing night with no power and no heat.

New Yorker: But it’s very cold and they need to keep warm somehow, and I’m glad the fire department’s not coming to put the fire out.

Julian: More than a week after Hurricane Sandy roared ashore, people are still struggling to comprehend all they have been through.

McAdams: So scary and the closest I ever felt to my own mortality.

Julian: But in the days following the storm, donations and volunteers have been flooding in from all over the country to help.

Carmella Burk: The entire country is rallying together to try and give New Yorkers that collective hug. And we will continue doing that.

Julian: From California, volunteers are flying in to help. From Seattle, Washington emergency response vehicles and utility crews are driving in. Officials say it is unusual for relief vehicles to go such a distance.

Brandon Sheehy: There are so many people that need help right now that our higher ups have made the decision that we just need these assets.

Julian: And the call for help was heard by one small town in Indiana which knows exactly how the storm victims are feeling. Henryville was nearly wiped out by a tornado last spring which destroyed the high school.

Rebekah: When we saw the images of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, it really touched our hearts because we understood and understand how badly they’re affected, how much they’re wanting help and support.

Julian: Volunteers helped Henryville rebuild their town and their school.

Rebekah: When I was out here cleaning, I met people from New Jersey and from the East Coast, and to see that they helped us. And now they’re needing help.

Julian: Now, students at Henryville High School are giving back, raising money to help the storm victims on the other side of the country.

Rebekah: When the tornado hit our town, everyone reached out. The nation and world reached out and gave us a helping hand, and we just want to return the favor in any form we can.

Julian: Julian Dujarric, Channel One News.


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