February 28, 2012
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Savannah Outen


Even though it might be difficult to believe, Savannah Outen was reluctant to post her first video on YouTube. When she was about 10, she started going to Los Angeles from her home in Oregon to perform and compete — but — she explained “I always came in second.” After a few years and dozens of talent shows, however with encouragement from her parents, she decided to go for it. Now, 80 million views later, “it’s just crazy and surreal.”

Shortly after she became a YouTube star, Radio Disney started playing her music and she was on the Zhou Zhou pet album. Then came the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade (“a childhood dream!”) and now she’s working on a full EP. “I’ve been lucky to be part of some very cool projects.” Savannah has been singing since she was two, and writing songs for a while now. “Since the first grade I have always loved writing stories, but I thought of writing songs because of Ali & AJ. A light bulb just went off when my parents bought me a guitar, and that’s when I started writing songs — about boys, what’s going on in the world, just stuff that happens. And I spend a lot of time in airports, so that’s where I do a lot of writing.”

So, what does she think you should do if you want to be the next big YouTube thing? “Have a support system. I’m an only child (but she’s close to her cousins) and my parents are the most supportive people. Also, never give up. If I had given up just a year ago, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

“Be Original”

“I Like Boys”

“No Place Like Here”




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