Karen Knapstein
November 25, 2013

Savvy Shopping

The holidays are upon us and for most people in the United States, that means at least a little holiday shopping. For store owners, the day after Thanksgiving is traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year — and it’s called “Black Friday” because it’s the day their books go from red to black.

If you’re a shopper, it can also be an opportunity to score some good deals on the gifts you need to buy. Coupons and markdowns might be even more prevalent this year, since a later than usual Thanksgiving means fewer days in the holiday shopping season and stores want to encourage shopper to buy ASAP.

We want to know — do you have a holiday shopping savings strategy? Vote in the poll and then share your ideas in the comments. If you want yours to be used on the show, be sure to include your first name only (it’s not safe to post your real whole name on the internet!), age and state.

9 comments on “Savvy Shopping

  1. jazmyne-olson

    hears a tip: make two jars one for spending on for gift ideas. find stuff for your loved ones right the price down and that not you budget then add tax and theirs you budget

  2. Logan Noel

    The best way to shop is on Black Friday and go to the less Rual areas. Then find the store that is not as crowded and has good prices. Another tip for how to buy gifts is rate the people your buying for 10-1. Find out the average (per person) you want to pay. Finally find out how much it will cost in total.

  3. Bethany

    Bethany, 11, Texas
    Shop at low price stores for the same quality and also use coupons. They will save you BIG! Sales are also a great opportunity.


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