Savvy is the story of a family who has some serious talents — known to each other as a “savvy” — that can either come in handy or cause great destruction. Mibs’ (a short version of Mississippi Beaumont) brothers can either spark up some electricity or a hurricane with equal force, and her mother’s savvy means she is just plain perfect. As Mibs approaches her 13th birthday, when a savvy is usually discovered, she is anxiously anticipating her gift.

When an accident puts her father in the hospital just before her big day, however, Mibs and her siblings lives are upended and they sneak on board a bible bus in hopes of catching a ride to visit him. As expected, their journey gets a bit off course before the family can reach their father, and Mibs starts to form her own ideas about what it means to have a talent.

The lyrical language throughout the story echo the literal and magical journey the kids take, making for a charming first novel.

About the Author

Perhaps it was the Lake Champlain monster that started it all. Born in the state of New York, Ingrid Law’s first home was a stone’s throw from the waters of Lake Champlain and its legendary prehistoric sea monster. From the very start, life was steeped in the lure of the fantastic, of tall tales and big ideas.

When she turned six, her family moved to Boulder, Colorado. Ms. Law still lives in Colorado, close to family, friends and the mountains.

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