Scan, Shop and Save

by Christa Fletcher

Ever see a product in a store and wish you’d read the reviews online
before shopping? With new 2-D barcodes popping up, you can make the
most of your shopping experience by scanning them with a smartphone to
get reviews, pricing and the nearest locations of retailers that sell
the item. Stores, restaurants and magazines are adding the barcodes too.

Not sure which neighboring restaurant is better than the other? Scan the
barcode! Want to know how much that sweater is in the magazine you’re
reading? Scan the barcode! Not sure if you’re getting the best deal on a
product? You get the picture. This innovative technology is helping consumers find what they want, for a price they
want to pay. All you have to do is pay for the application on your

Every smartphone from the iPhone and Droid, to the BlackBerry, has an
application that will scan barcodes (for as little as $0.99) and provide
useful information to you. Applications like ShopSavvy, RedLaser, and
ScanLife are some good ones to check out. Not only will you be able to
find the best price for items, you can set an alert to buy them when
they are on sale. Some applications allow you to purchase the product
directly from your phone.

Think scanning these barcodes is the next big thing? Share your opinion in our poll.

One comment on “Scan, Shop and Save

  1. Divine Terry

    In my opinion i think this app is a great idea for anyone especially teens we could use these types of savings more often but never the less it could go great for items involving school expenses knowing that the economy tax rates are really going up


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