Karen Knapstein
November 17, 2013
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Scott & Brendo

“I started working with Scott on a web series he was doing in 2011. A year later, we made the kitten video and we were talking — and ended up adding a song to it,” explained Brenden Bytheway in a phone interview. “When kitten went big, someone asked us to work on something,” and it snowballed from there.

“My mom forced me to take piano when I was smaller, but I quit at eleven. I started guitar at fourteen, and at sixteen, my brother was a drummer so we had a little band togfeature-cover-scott-and-brendoether. In college, I got really into recording,” Bytheway shared, and YouTube has proven to be the perfect platform for the duo since.

They publish their own songs and videos, but also provide advice for others working on their own channel as well as sometimes, just general life guidance.

As they work on their original music, they’re also producing videos for Scott’s channel and other partners. They also play live. “We like to put on a show — not just play our songs. We try to bring something new to the stage. It’s interactive! We try to talk to people and bring them into the show.”

For Scott & Brendo, for now, it’s all about they’re new stuff. “What we’re working on is awesome, and we’re working on a series of music videos, which we’ve never done before. The kitten video was my first production,” he explained, “so whatever you do, be persistent.”

You can keep up with their progress with the album (hear tracks below!), and live shows, on their Twitter feed and Facebook pages.

“One Afternoon”

“Kitten Air”





14 comments on “Scott & Brendo

  1. Sophia-Hicks

    i really don’t like this group. I mean they can’t rap, and even when they try to they fail. If you want me to like the music on the show, then get a dubstep group. I love dubstep.

  2. Justin Korstange

    I really like this group scott and brendo have real talent and I am going to download all of their songs when i get the chance. they have real skillz and They are amazing.


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