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Scott Evans

Scott Evans

Born on the East Coast and raised in the Midwest, Scott Evans has been working in entertainment and media since the third grade. With the support of his mother, Scott threw himself in head first. As a teenager he worked as a host and producer of the teen television show 360 Degrees in Indianapolis.

After studying communications and theater at Purdue University, he worked as an on-court host for the NBA’s Indiana Pacers and Indiana Fever. Scott would later go on to cover local events, and happenings in the Circle City for MyINDY-TV.

Scott also had the opportunity to work with the CBS affiliate WISH-TV, covering events such as Butler basketball, the Indianapolis 500 and the Grammy Awards. Scott most recently worked for the millennial news organization One Minute News as its West Coast correspondent.

While at One Minute News, Scott launched a non-profit with a mission to inspire and encourage teens to become leaders in their community. Fight The Wackness, or FTW, is dedicated to encouraging Indanapolis youth to pursue their dreams against all odds.

For more, take a look at Scott Evans’ contributions to ChannelOne.com.

77 comments on “Scott Evans

  1. ashley mcdonald

    i <3 your daily shows so much it inspired me to help by donate clothes and other stuff, so thanks.

    1. Autum

      Hi!!! I’ve been meaning to go on the website! It’s so cool! Anyways, I love watching Channel One every morning! It’s one of my favorite things of the day! I can relate to a lot of topics and All of the reporters seem so nice! I wish I could meet them! Thanks guys!

      1. Aurora

        I totally agree with Autum. I feel that Channel 1 one news connects students and young adults to the world around them.


    2. Mia Castaneda

      Hello! My name is Mia Castaneda and I have a story:

      1. I bought 1000 sticky notes
      2. I wrote complements on each of them
      3. I put them on every locker
      4. Feel good
      5. Do it every Friday
      I go to Wiggs Middle School in El Paso,Texas

  2. Thomas Northup

    Looking for a story?? My students watch Channel one every morning at Walnut Middle School in Grand Island, Nebraska. Students enjoy the news. We have had the Grand Island Veterans home here in Grand Island for 126 years. BUT this July the governor decided to move the home to Kearney, Nebraska. through a “Bidding Process” . The Grand Island site is beautiful whereas the Kearney site is out in a industrial site. This process was conducted by his 3 hand picked appointed people. They used some sort of number grading process that put Kearney first, Hastings second, and US (Grand Island) third. No one really understands the grading process and the letters to the editor is on warp speed. It would be nice to have others around the United States hear our disappointment in the process and possibly have the governor and (So-called committee) change their minds.

  3. 2013-9-13-Lauren-Fiore

    i love channel one, i actually watch it in my s.s. class at the end of 4th period y’all are the best!!!!!!

  4. Kylee

    hey, i love your shows! ive been wanting to make a news channel for like, 3 years now, but i dont know how to make it look professianl. i was hoping you could tell me what you guys use, beacuse your most likly the only website i go to anyways. thanks!

  5. Sarah the Bear

    My friend Deeno the Dino and I watch Channel One News every morning. Our school just adores the show. They are always encouraging us to visit the webpage. So, here we are!!! I love being able to comment on the page!! I also love the games and news!! The best part is the next big thing!! Me and Deeno the Dino are news reporters on HMS News and we do a broadcast and reecording every morning and it shows on the tvs in front of the entire school!!! Maybe my school’s news crew for HMS News could do a broadcast and send it to you guys!! See if we are good!! How about that?? :-D
    (My name isn’t really Sarah the Bear(Its just Sarah)and Deeno the Dino is really just Maddie). Deeno the Dino is sitting next to me in English class and we are like two peas in a pod. My nickname in reading is Moss (Don’t ask). :-D

  6. Abigail Rose

    Hi my name is Abigail Rose I live in Lebanon Indiana and I go to Lebanon Middle School. I always wonder why cant we have a girl president why do boys prove they are better than us cause we are still people even though we are not the same gender we are still as powerful as boys.

  7. kariyah kirk

    i think that people should stop all the bulling if you get trated wrong find some one to talk to about it do not come to school and make fun of some one because you get mess with all the time that make u look bad and it makes your mom and dad look bad take it from me i use to get bulled at home by some girls and i took it out on some kids at school and i did not have friends but this year if i get messed with i go to one of my friends and talk to them then i will let every thing out i did it so all you bullys should try ir it will make u fell like the bigger person if you do not have any friends to talk to find a teacher to talk to then they will tell you how change or how to say sorry.

  8. connor hill

    I think they should stop showing bullying videos because it just makes bullies stronger and they just think it”s funny

  9. Stephan-Watkins

    Hey Scott Evans. :) How are you? Hope you’re having a great day today. I wish I was a part of Channel One News, but one day when I get a chance or so, I’ll be a part of it.

  10. Haylee Johnson

    My teacher always lets us watch the daily shows and we think you and everyone else do an amazing job. Keep up the good work. Oh yea and you inspired me and my class to make a news show just like y’all only we do ours on our middle school instead of all around the world. Although that would be pretty fun for us. But we are all really haapy to watch channel one and we’ve started donating different things and me and some of my friends join a group all about leader and citizenship club and some of the things y’all have showed me and friends we decided that we were going to do a donation to some of the donation things you have showed us. But thanks for being an inspiration.

  11. Jessica-Crawford

    Y’all should do a segment on Kris Crawford the representative of florence that whould be cool because I’m from there

  12. Allie.C

    Hi!! I love Channel 1 News!! My class watches it everyday. I love how ya’ll tell us the news, but in a way we will understand. Channel 1 is awesome!!! <3 :)

  13. derek-anderson

    I have a story for you that has to be told on your show. Last Saturday a 6th grader caitlyn jackson from Lakeview middle school in battle creek michigan died from cancer all of the students tried to support her by wearing her favorite colors orange and blue to school some kids made shirts that said things like I support caitlyn and we miss you caitlyn, well the school shot that down and made some kids zip up their jackets if they had one on to cover their shirts that supported the young girl

  14. William W.

    i am a big fan of Scott Evans, my name is William Wright and i live in Tar Heel NC, i’m a student at Tar Heel Middle School. We watch channel one news show everyday. But out of all of the reporters, you are the funniest one. You keep us laughing with your weird dance move, sometimes it looks like you have a mental problem, just kidding. btw i am looking forward to watching the show tomorrow. lol keep up the work Mr. Scott Evans
    and plus channel one news teaches us about the things going on in our community, but in a way we know how to understand it.
    thanx u guys

  15. APENG

    We, in my AP English class, love Scott Evans, but we find Maggie Rulli to be rather “fake.”
    We love the show and tune in during English class every week to find out what is going on in the world around us. But seriously, Maggie is not our favorite and is starting to ruin the show. Scott and Shelby are doing a fantastic job! Keep up the good work and thank you for making an awesome show. :)

  16. Scott Struber

    I go to Linn, KS and go to Linn Public School. And in the 8 grade and my class watch it every morning. The kids in my class really like the play of the week and the next big thing. It is cool what the world is coming too!
    This summer I was on the national scout jamboree got to New York and it was fun their to go in the train tunnels. My group had fun their we got to go on a fairy boat and got in see the blue man group! They are funny and so you enjoy this story hope you like it.

  17. rebecca felix

    I would suggest using the more inclusive “humankind” rather than “mankind.”
    Thanks for your reporting!

  18. Nash Grier

    WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WEEKEND RAP?!?!?! :( I love the weekend rap the weekend rap is my life its bae .




  20. Tyler Webb

    dear scott evans,
    you art mineth inspiration. when i groweth up i wanteth to be a news cast’r. doeth thoust any counseleth that thou can giveth me? thanketh thou f’r taking the timeth f’r reading and answering mineth letter! keepeth rocking!

    tyler webb


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