Sealing Your Cell


Have you ever dropped your phone in the sink? Or into a glass of water? Or anything wet?

For most people, losing a phone to water damage is, if not exactly common, not out of the ordinary. And with the price of most smart phones, it can be a costly accident. But now, something called Liquipel ┬áis here to save the day! The waterproofing process involves applying a super thin coating to a phone that seals it against liquid. The only downside is that, right now, you have to send your phone to the company to have the seal applied, and it costs about $60 (still less than a new phone!). But still, we wouldn’t be surprised if this high-tech coating becomes a standard option for cell phone (and laptop, and .mp3 players, please!) before too long.

What do you think? Is sealing your cell the next big thing? Vote in the poll now to weigh in!

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