Karen Knapstein
November 14, 2013

Second Skin

If you’re not sure about smart watches, than this idea for the next big thing might be more up your alley. It’s a pretty sci-fi sticker that functions like a temporary tattoo but does a whole lot more.

Smart Skin is a series of wireless components including sensors, LEDs and wireless antennas that are mounted on a piece of thin silicone that sticks to your skin. The sensors monitor body heat, circulation and even sweating on the skin, and their poised to do more as the technology improves. For patients in hospitals, that’s big news, because it means no longer being constricted because you’re connected to a bunch of wires.

For gamers, which is another potential application, it’s even cooler. We want to know what you think. Is Smart Skin the NBT? Vote in the poll now! 


188 comments on “Second Skin

  1. kayla ROX

    No because it might be able to give u the right answer but u wont learn the answer if u dont have the electronic temporary tattoo

    1. nathan-tang

      yes , because this means this means that you can moniter your excercise with out bring a ipod or iphone to moniter your body conditions

    2. Brenda

      Yes it will be the next big ting because you can monitor your movements heat and sweat on a little piece of a rubber like thing I think that’s pretty cool and in the Hospital you don’t need a bunch of wires connected to you because you have smart skin!

    3. Aeris S. (Pronunciation: air-is)

      Exactly! It’s fairly creepy too!! Haha. That’s just like giving a stranger $20 and saying but what you want but I want $5 back in change

    4. blake spradlin

      no , its not the next big thing because it might effect your nerves or cells in some way now if it had all the right tests done I might consider because it does sound pretty cool.

    5. Tre Mcgowan

      yes, because you don’t have to bring your phone to listen to music, and when you don’t bring your phone someone can’t steal it.

  2. keanna adams

    Yea because people at home that have to be hucked up to mechins to help there health than useing the meachin the can use the second skin

  3. Karli

    What is the point to have a second skin when you could have any other machine do the same thing that it does that you don’t have to stick on yourself

  4. Cy B

    Yes, because it would help to do things that would usually take too long at the doctors and would save people’s times.

  5. Allison Dene` Whitlock

    It is the next big thing because it is like awesome technological parts to it. It would be great for hospitals so patients won’t have to have a bunch of wires attached to them because they would have the tattoo.

  6. Robert Wilcox

    I think the “second skin” would be the most awesomest thing that ever came to the video game generation and us kids that love video games would be amazed by that second skin.

  7. Skidaejha

    I say no because it’s dumm what would happen if you get in the shower and get it wet it doesn’t make sense it makes people lazy

  8. Connor P

    Everyone in 5th period Enrichment at Gray Middle School in Union, KY LOVES the idea of SmartSkin and CANNOT wait until it becomes available!!!
    Especially from Adam Tarvin, Jake Smith, and Tyler Long

  9. Jeremy -swygon

    Yes because someone could use it because they forgot something of theirs or something the second skin more like a second brain

  10. Austin Anderson

    No. I think that if you had the second skin on you, then it would be an easy way to get information for identity thefts.

  11. The Yellow Jackets

    It’s weird.
    It’s creepy.
    What happens when you sweat?
    Is it washable?
    Will it shock you if you get wet?

    In other words…. NO it’s not the next big thing!!

  12. Jacob Anthony

    No, because I think if you use second skin for answers then you won’t learn anything. Plus you could use it for credit card theft or you could learn somebodys’ personal information>

  13. Tantasqua Jr F Block

    Yes because this new piece of technology could do a lot of good in terms of helping patients and measuring their vital signs.

  14. Juan-Mendez

    I think yes, because this can help medical research without heavy electronics and painful methods doctors usually use.

  15. shelby h

    its not right god made you the way you are and that’s the way he wants you and people don’t need to be walking around with a with those thing on your body if you voted yes you made a mistake plz plz plz vote nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  16. shelby h

    plz plz plz don’t do it and if you believe in god you won’t do it and god made you the way you are and that’s how he wants you.

  17. Mckenzie K.

    I am totally against this because it is stupid so I vote noooooooooooo this 2nd skin thi g is the stupidest thing evented yet its against God and Jesus Christ if u are christen u would vote NO if u havened read the books Of Revelation in the Bible u should because it totally explains why u shouldn’t vote yes because this is sining against God so vote NO NO NO NO NO and NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. sierra

    i think it should be because it is faster then going to do all of the technology stuff instead of just putting a sticker on you.

  19. Isabel Molina

    Those are cool because people will like the fact that it can connect to video games.also playing video games is really big right now.

  20. Bri

    I think the electronic temporary tattoo is a terrible idea because We don’t need another electric patch for something we could do by just simply not being so lazy. In hospitals it could work nicely, but as an addition to every day life? I say no way.

  21. Amber

    If your a gamer chick kid like me it is cool. NO MORE CONTROLERS! And you could possible get exrcise if you have to move!!!! I love this thing!!

  22. katlyn

    I think its too weird, and if lightning struck your house and damaged your electronic device that is plugged in I might do something to you too.

  23. Wigglemuffin

    I believe Smart Skin could be the “next big thing”. Hospitals will no longer have to use wires to track body heat if this is used. This technology would probably help people in many ways, so why shouldn’t we use it?

  24. Tristan

    No. Putting wires connected to your skin could be dangerous. Sooner or later, people will start putting them in kids’ temporary tattoos. This kind of technology should not be used by modern day people that don’t know what they’re doing. This could also be the start of planting microchips in people. I would only use this if required from a doctor. But for video games? Forget it!

  25. Angel

    i think it’s a good idea because you never have enough time to check that stuff. But now it is on your wrist so you can see it 24/7.

  26. Maura

    I think this is the next big thing. I’m a girl gamer and I love tattoos. Plus it would help for people in need, like the Philippines.

  27. danielle benson

    No, because people will spend even more time playing games that in real life, and almost everyone is on the internet anyway.

    1. Destiny Sykes

      I sort of disagree with you on that one even though I may only be 12 years old I just think that it would be an easier education access. It would be awesome to be in class surfing the internet without a huge laptop or tablet with your fear of breaking this very expensive product where in fact this one just goes right on to your skin and that would be less fear or less breakage. I do not mean to put you down or change your opinion I just think this is something that I might actually like.

  28. Dorothy

    People what r u thinking this is good this what I’m casting all my votes for this thing so shut up your piehole and let them give all these things to my family

  29. Nate Scott

    No, because it might mess up and we would use this in hospitals so the doctors can tell what is wrong with someone.

  30. Asantewa-R.

    Yes because it’ll be a big help in hospitals, and if we use this in hospitals
    It’d be a big substitute to all the wires and cords. :D

  31. Quintavious R.

    I think it would be cool to be able to play video games and get heart readings from a false skin you can wear.

  32. swaggg12345

    Why have a temporary tattoo of a code to tell you things modern technology can do on a computer? it might be thin, but to many people will think it is annoying, and I think its just not the next big thing.

  33. Elijah-Hill

    Um … Hello were not aliens were not going to play video games with Fragile Designed Band Aids that aren’t for cuts. IT’S PLAIN CREEPY

  34. Justin

    No, because Wired technology will always be more reliable for a person. In a hospital this “second skin” would monitor their vitals yes, but what if the network it is based off off goes down?

  35. natalie

    No, because it might be uncomfortable and yoy can always use the machienes at the hospital they are a really big help.

  36. travis anderson

    yes because people can just walk in to the doctors and he can stick it on then show him your blood work then when you come back he scans you again

  37. Claudia Dempsey

    The ‘second skin’ looks cool, and is probably helpful, but I believe that there are more reliable things than the second skin.

  38. Addy Rieken

    I think no because it could fall off so you could loose it very easy. Also because or you put it on while it is dirty you could get germs from it.

  39. Rachel B.

    It could be the NBT but it could not be because it really dosen’t have an appeal to younger audiences unless your a gamer.

  40. Julie

    No this may not be the next big thing because what if the government starts using it to track our movement. The governments seems to be getting involved with our lives more and more everyday.

  41. Brianna

    No, I don’t believe the second skin would be the next big thing because it would probably hurt to take off and this would mean that if it did not become popular you would be stuck with it.

  42. angel kitchens

    Why would we want this once we try to pull i off it will feel like you are pulling off a bandage.Hurtful and sticky.

  43. Maria

    This is the beginning of the mark of the beast. Now it is just a sticker, but soon it will become something you keep inside your body. Ladies and gentlemen do not take this. The bible says that I you take this you WILL NOT be able to go to heaven. God loves everyone and wants everyone to go to heaven. This barcode does have the number 666 inside of it. Many people will say that it is great for society but it is not. In the bible it says that the only way to remove this is a surgery but it will explode and will be fatal. It would be wise to look up the words mark of the beast and see what I’m talking about in more detail. Please look it up not matter your view on religion… Please

  44. Taylor

    No, because if you put this on and it gets to the point where you want it off, you wouldn’t be able to take it off. Also because of the government, they could start to track what we do, and so therefore they would be getting involved in what we do in our everyday lives.

  45. Devin

    Yes because I hate getting a needle shoved in me so this way (although I’m not one) diabetics can not have to shove a piece of metal into their flesh every day. Plus this could be the start of human-altering tech (cyborg)
    But no because this tech could be modified into an undetectable tracker. Then again it could be used in the military that way to monitor a units blood and everything instead of checking in every hour or something.

  46. Mckenzie K.

    Just vote NO this thing is the mark of the Beast and if u get one your marked forever as the Devils property so God will cast u into the fire of the Devil which is HELL read chapter 13 in the book of Revelations in the Bible it will explain this whole thing!

  47. Kai Sparks

    Yes. Not only will it make games fun, but it will monitor hospital patients without restriction. It can be very uncomfortable to be attached to so many cords!

  48. Tiger Jackson

    This is awesome,it could possibly let patients in the hospital have a lot more freedom instead of being hooked up to big machines 24/7

  49. Mckenzie K.

    ok people I am only gonna ask you to do 1 thing read the books of Revelation in he Bible it will explain why this thing is bad!!!!!! This tattoo thing is the mark of the Beast and the beast is the Devil so if u vote yes for this and get one of these second skin things then u will be marked as the Devils property so u will go to HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO VOTE NOOOONOOONOOONOOONOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. karen

    no, because you might get irritated by the tape and it might be different due to your activity so it might not be right.

  51. Christopher Tibbott

    I think this is the next big thing. It will help a lot in the docter’s office. And who does not like fake. I think this is a really cool tool.

  52. kenzie

    Yes… just think about hospitals, sports, or even at school nurses. It could help monitor sick people in the hospital, hurt athletes on the field, and kids at school. If farther studied it might be able to monitor astronauts.

  53. Nathan

    It’s not worth all of the time and effort. The electric temporary tattoo is only for one thing. We already have good technology to monitor those things. You know when your sweating. You can use a stethoscope to monitor circulation. Just use a thermometer to measure your body heat. So why wast the money to get something smaller and not as visible. Which one would you do waste more money or save money?

  54. Ali S.

    Yes. This device could help people with certain illnesses be aware of what is happening inside of them (temperature e.t.c.) Knowing this information the watch provides you with can possibly save your life!!

  55. Isioma Nwaezeigwe

    I think the smart skin is the next big thing because having to go to the doctor all the time, not really that fun.

  56. Madison

    No, I don’t believe that this is the next big thing because what happens if it shocks you? It could also mess up you nerves, having something so close to your nerves.


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