Christa Fletcher
February 13, 2012
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Secrets in Stereo


Josh Ryan is a singer-songwriter who created Secrets in Stereo with co-writers Jason Collum and Nathan Walters in Nashville, Tennessee. The project has produced many singles featured on shows like Made, Grey’s Anatomy and Jersey Shore. “It has always fascinated me that as singer/songwriters we lay out all of our most well guarded thoughts and insecurities for the world to hear and judge,” says Ryan on his website about SIS. “When I perform, or my song is playing on the radio. I’m telling all my secrets to whoever will listen.”

Music has been a part of Ryan’s life since his childhood in Clinton, Mississippi where he grew up playing the drums and was a member of a popular show choir that inspired the show Glee. The Clinton High School show choir, Attaché, was the start for many other performers like Lance Bass of N’SYNC and Keith Carlock the drummer for Steely Dan and Sting.

The show choir won many competitions, has been the basis for the competing choir Vocal Adrenaline on the hit TV show and was an important time for Josh Ryan. “It was an unbelievable learning experience,” he said in an interview. “I learned how to be a professional by being on the number one show choir competing at the highest level.” During his first performance in show choir, Ryan performed in front of 7,000 people like a “borderline rock star” and “realized the power of the stage.”

After high school, Ryan went to college and later moved to Nashville where he teamed up with his brother Jason who helped him create Secrets in Stereo with Nathan Walters. The trio creates “progressive pop” songs made popular by hit TV shows and YouTube. “I write for the radio, which is a tough thing to say in Nashville, but it’s my motivation,” he explained. Josh and Jason write a lot together with a “good back and forth.” “My strength is melody,” shared Ryan, “and his is lyrics.”

In addition to Secrets in Stereo songs and performances, he’s also producing and working with other musicians to write and record new songs for his production company Sorted Noise. “We connect artists with music supervisors by taking the luck out of it and making songs for scenes [in TV shows and films]. We create the perfect songs,” said Ryan. “Most artists don’t do that.” As for the future, Secrets in Stereo will continue to makes songs for their fans to hear in movies, on TV and of course, the radio.

—Christa Fletcher

“All the Things I Hate”

“Not Today”

“Wrong Side of Yesterday”



Not Today (2007)

Secrets in Stereo (2007)

Wrong Side of Yesterday (2008)

I Won't Look Down (2010)



Dashboard Confessional


Avril Lavigne

Imogen Heap

The Afters

One Republic

The Fray


Shows Featuring SIS Music

The Hills

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

The Real World

Grey's Anatomy


Jersey Shore

Private Practice

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